IT Architecture

archiwise in a nutshell:

  • we specialise in consulting on software architecture and solution architecture;

  • we focus on vendor-neutral advice for strategic ICT projects, including on architecture design, specification, audit, reconstruction, etc;

  • we value practical, no-nonsense architectural solutions that improve the quality of your software;

  • we are actively involved: close collaboration on-site, as team lead/member, as external auditor, as organizer of trainings, etc.

At archiwise, our passion for IT architecture goes beyond our consulting services:

  • our roots are in software architecture research (at DistriNet/KU Leuven);

  • we co-founded BelgAF (Belgian Architecture Forum), a non-profit organisation that enables IT architects to share knowledge and experiences;

  • we regularly organise sessions at various events to consolidate and share what we have learned;

  • we are convinced learning is fun, which is embodied by softwarewolves, an engaging one-day coding contest for developers that combines both entertainment and learning;