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Security as an architectural quality

Session presented at SecAppDev, 1/3/2011

Learning objectives:

  • Understand security in the context of the ISO 42010 standard on architecture descriptions.
  • Basic understanding of architecture views, viewpoints and how to apply them for security.
  • Gain insight into specifying quality scenarios for security.
  • Learn to make architecture tradeoffs using utility trees and use architecture evaluations (ATAM). ####Overview: In this talk, we highlight security from a software architecture perspective. A software architect considers security in relation to many other qualities, such as performance, availability, extensibility, time-to-market,… We discuss the implications of considering security as one architectural quality amongst many others, and give an overview of how typical architectural techniques and practices, such as quality attribute scenarios, utility trees, principles, viewpoints and architectural patterns, can be applied to security.

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