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What works in IT architecture ... and what doesn't?

Workshop organized with the BelgAF members and Kurt Cuijpers at BAEA, 13/12/2012


In this session we will, with the help of the audience, share experiences on what works and what doesn?t work in IT Architecture. In the last ten years, many people have been working on establishing an IT Architecture profession. Several methods and techniques, described in TOGAF, DYA and similar very well known sources, have been tried. Some of those methods and techniques seem to work very well, others don?t seem to work at all. Because of this mixed advice, getting IT Architecture up to expectations has been a daunting task that is far from complete.

The first part of the evening will be highly interactive with the audience sharing some of their own experiences of what works and what doesn?t work in an IT Architecture Practice. Several BelgAF members will moderate, creating a framework for discussion and provide a wrap-up of what has been said.

Kurt Cuijpers, chief architect at De Lijn, closes the evening with the story of his real world experiences in ?dos and don?ts? in IT Architecture at large and complex organisation like De Lijn, particularly in dealing with external providers of solutions.

This session is offered by The Belgian Architecture Forum for a Digital World (or short: BelgAF, ). It is a non-profit organization in Belgium organising in-depth discussions and sessions like this one with the aim of professionalizing IT Architecture by sharing experience and knowledge, working on creating new insights and helping new IT Architects find their way.

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